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Friends Only, now~ [

Tuesday 24 December, 7:44 am


Rawr. I have my reasons.

There really aren't any "rules" for being my friend, but... know when it's time to be mature, yeah? :D Also like at least some of the things I do, otherwise, what's the point? o.o

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Yay for 5 :3 [

Wednesday 20 December, 9:14 pm

[ mood | accomplished ]

So what if I was tagged over two weeks ago, I'm still doing it. :3 I haven't been to anyone's journal in a while. New dA obsession took me away from that. :O

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You know, its very hard to give a title to my random posts. [

Wednesday 20 December, 7:37 pm

[ mood | Random ]

Had an interesting conversation with Anjelica. She's in Colorado for Christmas. You shouldn't put us on the phone at such early hours of the morning. This phone call, it involved toothbrushes, talking computers, Evergreen, Vanilla live, pennies, muffins, oven-roasted hamsters, fuzzy boxers, and squirrel-monkey pants. Also jam. And cake.

My Special L'Arc magazine-thing came in the mail. :D Plus, my mom got something for her birthday in a box, so there's bubble wrap! <3!! *pop*

AND I got an MP3 player! Its not the iPod I wanted, but its pretty much exactly the same, just the selection pad is different, and its smaller. I opened it yesterday, and its already full. ^_^ I got to open it yesterday, because my brother's having to go to his dads house tomorrow for Christmas, and we're doing Christmas early for him. We always open one present on Christmas eve, so yeah. :3 I'll probably open one more tomorrow with him and save the rest of mine for Christmas. I could go into things about how my brother can't spend this Christmas with us because his father's an arse and lied in court and my mom won't let me do anything about it, but I wont. :3

I. Like Cheese.

"Hot rod flames!"
"Hot. Rod. Flames!"
"Buuuunnieeesssss =o="
"I don't even know you any more."
"Shut up. At least the bunnies are on fire."

Why do I love that? Bcause I'm insane. Very easily amused. <3

Hah. My brother's been watching my Di Gi Charat DVD, and I just realized exactly why its funny that Dejiko calls the peoples "Bukimi guys." Hah again. xD

Annnd, I gave Michan Moon Child for Christmas. Her baby brother calls it "Pretty Princess" because he thinks Sho is a ballerina, because he spun in a circle like one. You know? In the beginning? With the guns? And the "This guns no good!" xD I love Angel <3

Jam. The end.

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'Nd ze blah blah blah~ o-o; [

Thursday 14 December, 6:19 am

[ mood | creative ]

Hmmm, only one more day, praise whatever God may exist. I need a break from school. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but my new principal decided to play Musical Teachers, and two of my teachers got changed. I need to be away from said teachers before I go off on someone. ~0~;

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Oh yeah >D [

Monday 04 December, 12:08 am

[ mood | yay ]

I am a Green Belt. As of Thursday. Yay <3

Thank you, Christy, for the flowers!

See, karate makeths the Kari happy. >3

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